Digital Gardens: What are they and how can I start one?

Jan 28, 2021

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The term "digital garden" started to get used more widely in 2020. Maybe our inability to go outside and travel as much led us to think about our digital lives with a more horticultural lens?

Whereas a blog tends to be organised strictly chronologically and older thoughts get displaced by new, a digital garden works to curate and build on your thinking. A post might be a new idea (seed), a growing idea (a sapling) or a fully developed thought (a tree). Some of these trees might be used as starting points for other projects and some of the seed might cross-pollinate to make something new.

In this session, we'll look more at defining a digital garden, explore some examples with an eye on what value they are adding (to the world and the gardener) and look at some ways to get started.

This will be a mix of exposition, Internet trail, discussion and top tips.